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Many nature conservation actors are launching a national campaign to preserve the wild species that inhabit our beaches.

The Coastal Conservatory, the French Biodiversity Office, the National Forestry Office, the League for the Protection of Birds, Rivages de France and the French Nature Protection Network call for vigilance!

Operation “Watch out, we’re walking on eggshells!” »Aims to educate coastal users and beach managers to respect the wild fauna that share these often touristy and frequented areas.

At the start of spring, the Ring-necked Plover, Great Plover, Little Terns, Oystercatchers and other seaside birds return from their African wintering quarters to breed in mainland France. In the Overseas Territories, sea turtles and many species of seabirds also lay eggs on the beaches.

The attitudes to adopt, in compliance with health instructions, to reduce your impact and save the chicks:

  • check that access to the coastal site where you want to go is authorized
  • stay on the marked trails
  • keep your dog strictly on a leash
  • avoid frequenting the top of the beach, sand or vegetated dunes in the back-shore
  • If you see a bird on the ground that seems injured or is making repeated calls, move away as soon as possible as this is the maneuver of an adult bird intended to keep you away from the nest or an alert indicating the presence of a nest or chicks
  • Avoid areas marked with signage suitable for the operation.

The managers of coastal natural areas are counting on you!

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