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In the Nature Reserve with a naturalist guide

At the heart of the marshes, a circuit equipped with hides and observation towers : it’s the best visit to discover the diversity of bird species, and the great outdoors of Camargue. A guided tour in a nature sanctuary to discover the secret Camargue in the hides with a telescope.

Depending on the seasons and themes:
– Greater flamingos, October to April
– The Bittern song, end of March to beginning of June
– The migrating birds, March, April and August to September
– The European bee-eater, end of April to July
– The storks ,March to June
– Dragonflies and damselflies, May to September


The “classical”

Duration: 2h30 – all year
Tour: approximately 1km walk
Shorter than hiking, this tour takes you in the sanctuary to the hides, to discover birds as you have never seen them before.

The “hike” for experienced

Visiter la Camargue en groupe : randonnée nature avec un guide naturaliste, découvrir la Camargue, voir des oiseaux en Camargue

In the period of 4 or 6 hours, it allows to meet the birds, to decode their behavior and enjoy the spectacle of nature.
Hides and observation towers allow you to observe wildlife as close as possible.



Duration: 4h or 6h – February to mid-December – Take your picnic for the 6h walk tour.
Tour: 5km walk
This circuit can also be offered as a 9km hiking tour.
Duration 7h – take your picnic – Contact us for more information.


Guided tours are accessible to a large public.
A guide may be responsible for 20 people maximum. Beyond, a second guide will be provided.
Take your picnic for the 6 or 7 hours hike.


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