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Pratical information

Visitor’s Reception Office

The Visitor’s Reception Office is open from January 15 to November 30, 2016
October to March : from 9.30am to 5pm
April to September : from 9.30am tp 5.30pm

Phone : 00 33 (0)4 90 98 70 91 – Fax 00 33 (0)4 90 98 72 54
Mail : 

The site is accessible to disabled people and is going to have the label « Tourisme et Handicap ».

Free shaddy car park but not guarded so please, don’t leave anything in your vehicles ! Lockers are available at the reception.

Pets are not allowed to visit, but shaded kennels are available at the reception.

« Sustainable » shop space

Local products of Mas-Thibert and Camargue : salami and chorizo from bulls of Morucha breed (manade Granier, Camargue), organic rice, salt, wine and rice beer, olive oil, tapenade, mare milk soap, etc…

Book section : interpretative booklets, naturalist booklets, species identification guide, books about the Camargue), children’s book, postcards…

Nature section : insect boxes, feeders, games and wooden toys…

Services : mosquito repellent, water bottles, binoculars rental…

Not forgetting our goodies : pocket ashtray, knife and corkscrew… with images of the Vigueirat Marshes !

See our online shop.

Bar – Snacks

The refreshment bar is open daily from 11am to 5pm, from April to September and during the October holidays.
Shaded picnic areas, for visitors and groups are available around the bar.
Tables are accessible to disabled people in wheelchairs.

Information and reservation at the reception: 04 90 98 70 91 ou

Essential questions

What to wear ?

Whatever the type of visit that you participate, adapt your clothing to the weather conditions of the moment : hat is essential in summer and parka in winter. Windproof jacket can be useful in any season because of the Mistral that blows two days of 3 in Camargue, and even if we don’t feel the effects in front of the buildings, this small draught can be veryrefreshing from the dykes on which the carriage travels.
Walking shoes or sneakers are essential for hiking in nature. So forget your flip-flop, and if it rained the day before, take your wellies !

Qwhat should I take with me ?

Camera, binoculars (also for rent at the reception), species identification guide, water, backpack and picnic for the nature hike…

Mosquitoes in Camargue…

moustiqueThere are 3 500 species of mosquitoes in the world… including 49 on the French Mediterranean coast, but only a small number of them sting Man. The more genus are Aedes, Ochlerotatus and Culex.
Male mosquitoes are harmless: only females bite, because after mating, the female desperately needs a blood meal to carry her eggs to mature.

Mosquitoes are abundant in Camargue from May to October, but there are effective ways to be protected against them.

How to protect from mosquitoes ?

  • It is advisable to wear long and light colors clothing : if the garment is thin, the female mosquito can sting through
  • When you perform an outdoor activity, avoid putting the perfume or other products with sweet odor that may attract more.
  • Avoid walking at sunrise and sunset. This is when the insects are more active.
  • Protect yourself with a repellent. For better efficiency and to respect the environment, organic products are offered for sale at the Visitors’s Reception Office or on our online shop.


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