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The garden

The gardenA garden designed by the team of the insertion work group

Created in spring 2014 by the team of the insertion work group of the Vigueirat Marshes under the leadership of our chief gardener Robert Jullian.
The products of this garden (fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible plants) feed our refreshment bar.

Between flowers, vegetables and herbs, what do we harvest in the garden ?

We cultivate the varieties with the best taste qualities to provide a nice meal, decorated with edible flowers and herbs to eat on site.

There are different varieties of salads, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries, melons, plants, flowers and herbswith antioxidant properties:

  • In the plates : parsley, coriander, Asian mustard, chervil, several basil, and nasturtium (taste close to garden cress)
  • For hot or cold teas : the species present in our garrigue and several mints, agastache, verbena, hyssop…

An eco-responsible garden!

The gardenThe garden is grown with respect for Mother Nature, according to the principles of organic farming.
We use natural fertilizer provided by the draft horses as well as rice or wheat straw grown close to the estate, and it is planned to complete fertilization with tern and bat guano and « made in Vigueirat ».

Finally, the garden is an educational space for the diversity of species and varieties that are located there.

With a few flowers, the garden is the delight of pollinators and visitors !

A garden that is shared : activities to discover!

Every Wednesday, the gardener reveals his tricks !
With our gardener, come smell, taste and prepare fruits and vegetables from our garden !
(Every Wednesday from May to September – Departure at 11am – €3)

Entertainment in the garden offererd to groups:
Activities for the general public and school are available on request for groups or individual grouped.
Contact :

 Many workshops for events:
Troughout the year, the Vigueirat Marshes offer events. Workshops in the garden in company of the gardener are proposed.
Visit our agenda.

Information and reservations: 04 90 98 70 91