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Illustrated books, tourist guides, children’s books, postcards,
stamps and envelopes bearing the image of the Vigueirat Marshes,
and a collection of books and booklets published by the « Les Amis des Marais du Vigueirat » association,

Regional products from producers on the site of the Vigueirat Marshes and partners of the Coastal protection agency, producers of Mas-Thibert and more broadly of the Camargue and the Plan du Bourg,


Cosmetics with the famous Marseille soaps and Camargue horse milk soaps, mosquito repellent, essential oils…


Souvenirs of the Camargue with diverse and varied products (toys, objects…),

Goodies, objects bearing the image of the Nationale Nature Reserve of the Vigueirat Marshes.

Information : 04 90 98 70 91 ou .

La boutique des Marais du Vigueirat