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Horse trail rides, starting from April

Comme enjoy beautiful scenery Horse rides (or poney rides) at the Marais du Vigueirat. Starting soon, in April !

A discovery of landscapes and nature in the Camargue. These visits take you in different parts of the site to the discovery of livestock and wildlife in the Camargue. Set up in 2016, the equestrian discovery  will be taken care of by the Coule manade (horse farm) starting from 2017 .

Created in 1984 by Jacques Coule, it is now his son Maxime who manages the horse manade, they rear horses, mares and foals of the Camargue breed on a hundred hectare grazing land in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Camargue.

The Coule family also breeds cattle in organic farming, and sugests a cottage on a 40 hectare property between the Camargue and the Alpilles.

An equestrian tourism professional in the Camargue, Nathalie Vergé, will supervise the walks in the Marais du Vigueirat. Holder of the BP JEPS specialized in riding and a BAPAAT Horse Riding Accompaniment , she comes from Bourges in the center of france, and has been working for 11 years.