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Natural heritage of the Marais du Vigueirat

At the junction of two remarkable ecosystems that are the Rhône delta and the stony desert-like Crau, the Vigueirat Marshes is a mosaic of natural wetlands characteristic of the Camargue.

Preserve natural site of 1200 hectares, there are more than 2 000 plant and animal species, and it is necessary to protect them throughout the year.

A management plan developed from the  assessment of the natural heritage of the site, to determine the main management goal of the Vigueirat Marshes.


GOAL 1 : Respect for the site and of its ecological balance with :

  • to maintain the site’s natural habitats,
  • habitats conservation,
  • increasing and maintaining biodiversity.


Orientation 2 :The integration of human activities :

  • the daily management of the site,
  • the public opening,
  • encourage the implementation of research programmes on the functioning of wetlands and their management,
  • to manage and develop our economic entreprises on-site and to develop good relationships with the local area.